How We Work

  • The first step is to have a chat, discussing your idea.
  • After we go over the initial product requirements, I'll send over a simple contract formalizing our agreement.
  • Our designer will get to work creating a logo and mockups while our engineers start building out the front-end and API.
  • You'll be able to track the progress though our issue tracker and kanban board.
  • We’ll do a check in over chat on an as-needed basis (usually every couple of days) to go over the project and its progress.
  • All work will be under version control and you will own copyright on final code (excluding any open source libraries we use).
  • We will be deploying to a private server from the beginning so you can check the progress and give us direct feedback on features.
  • The result will be a go-to-market MVP for you to start validating your idea.